Movilok launches Showcases, an interactive showcase solution transforming the customer experience

The solution is offered as a cloud service with a periodic subscription

Madrid, September 21th, 2016. Movilok, Spanish mobile solutions provider with more than 15 years presence in the market, launches Showcases, an interactive showcase solution that enriches the experience of customers going to a commerce or shop. This technology transforms any display (TV, LED screen, videowall) into an interactive experience.

Interactivity is achieved by means of a mobile device, acting as the display remote control. This solution is functional even without a dedicated application installed in the mobile device, using the phone web browser. That way, virtually any smartphone in the market is enabled to use this solution.

Using this interactive digital signage solution, the customer can choose and filter content, download the commerce detailled offers or send information, all in real time.

Luis del Ser, Movilok co-founder, explains: “This solution is designed to meet both large companies and small business needs, in sectors such as retail, tourism, banking, real estate or automobile that wants to offer an enriched experience to their customers using an interactive access to their digital signage”. He adds: “it is simple, easy to install and it is not bound to any specific hardware, allowing to choose the devices more adequate to the commerce provided their performance and cost”. Unlike a touch display, this solution can be used both inside the shop and for external public, urban furniture or even stadiums displays.

The interactive digital signage is offered by Movilok as a cloud service with a periodic subscription. It gathers usage and query statistics, allows the showcase owner to learn which products or services are more frequently visited and awake more interest. Quoting Luis del Ser: “any shop owning a common display such as an HD television and a device able to connect to the Internet and browse the web, such as a PC/Mac or chromebox can enjoy Showcases advantages”.

To connect to a showcase, a user only needs a common smartphone and its web browser. Mobile Apps (Android and iOS) are also available to allow QR readings and showcase navigation.

Showcases helps commerces and large companies improve their marketing effectiveness and strengthen their communication messages:

  • Providing information in the point of sale
  • Helping customers to decide on what to buy inside the shop.
  • Using the physical shop proximity to create exclusive interactive experiences by combining both physical and virtual worlds, attracting and getting through to the customer.

Benefits experienced by a business using Showcases are many:

Common benefits:

Shows information in the customer language
Provides the business with products and frequent queries analytics
Showcase online management: dynamic presentation and contents
Allows filtering and searching

Tourism and hotels sector benefits:

Promoting internal and external services
Reducing queues and waiting times on reception information requests
Encourages using online services and apps

Benefits for retailers:

Product and sales promotions
Downloadable discount coupons
The screen may become a commercial agent 24 hours a day
Online store integration

Benefits for real estate agencies:
Sales and services promotions
Category filtering
Interactive virtual visits
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About Movilok

Movilok is a mobile solutions provider with 15 years of experience. Founded in 2002 at Madrid, it is specialised in corporate mobile apps and new services. Focusing on B2E and B2C, the apps developed by Movilok are daily used by millions of people in Spain, USA, and Latin America.

The company develops custom projects and its own products with last generation technologies related to mobility and connected devices, such as multiple mobile OS, Smart TV, wearables, IoT, etc.

Regarding mobile services for corporations, Movilok provides technologic and strategic consultancy in the mobility area, functional definitions of mobile solutions and the full development of apps to be published in the mobile apps markets.
Additionally, Movilok has an innovation department oriented on generating mobility products under its own trademark. Please find more information at:



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