This is a full digital signage interactive solution. It facilitates content management, graphical presentation and the player.

A content manager easy to use It allows instant updating and customization of certain parameters of the solution.


HTML templates that provides the graphic image. Choose the most appropriate for your business and customize it.


A cloud service combines data with HTML5 templates. The result can be viewed in any browser.


A cloud service that transform the browser of any phone into a remote control that can direct the showcase: filter, select, download, …


Scanning the QR code or typing the URL in the browser, anyone near the digital display can temporarily link the mobile phone with this interactive showcase. While connected, the content being displayed on the showcase is remote controlled using gestures on the touch screen of the user device.

With our solution it is surprisingly easy to turn a window into an interactive display. You only need:

Connect the display to a computer with browser.


A  browser. You can use a PC, or other devices as a Chromecast, Chromebox, … to launch the browser.


An account of Interactive Showcases.