Transform any display into an interactive experience

Showcases Interactive is an interactive digital signage solution. Digital advertising at the point of sale will allow you to improve your business image and boost sales.
If you are thinking of using the power of digital signage to promote your business, Showcases Interactive is the perfect solution.

Our solution is designed to meet the needs of both large enterprises and small businesses.
It’s simple, easy to use and complete.

You can enjoy the benefits of this powerful communication channel very easily. No need to worry about the presentation of content, because Interactive Showcases has templates that merge with your data, providing an attractive graphic image.  Enhance customer engagement by providing an interactive experience, and collect valuable information on which products are the most popular. 

Not dependent on any specific hardware, so you can choose your devices based on the best quality/price ratio. Unlike a touch screen, it is a solution that can be used both inside the establishment or behind a shop window, on a giant screen, etc.

The interactivity is achieved through the mobile browser client that becomes a remote control window without installing any application (only reading the QR or typing URL of the service). The customer can select, download, send information, … all in real time. 

Key features

Discover how it works

The smartphone becomes a remote control. The content of the digital display is controlled using touch gestures on the smartphone.


Filters can be applied from the phone to arrange the products displayed on the digital screen.

Further information

People can also send personal information (such as email) to request further information about a product. This information is sent directly to the retailer.

Information in their own language

When the client is connected, the language of the device is identified and the information available in this language is presented.


The layout of content displayed on the digital screen is based around HTML5 templates.  Can be customized to customer needs / image.


Discover how people are interested in your products. Measure engagement and learn how to make your shop-window more successful.

Cloud service

A cloud service becomes a mobile browser client on a universal remote control. Only internet connection is required.


Although the mobile can control the display of content, it can not alter or access to any information that is not posted on the Internet.

Link to the web shop

If your business has a web store, you can set your “showcases” to redirect the client browser to the same reference on your web.

Integration with corporate data

If you wish, you can use your corporate systems as data source. Interactive Showcases read other sources that fit the interchange format.

Automatic generation download documentation

It is not necessary to generate specific documentation for each product. Interactive Showcases generates documentation automatically.


Updating content is quick and easy. You can update the promotions in real time.


Real estate, automotive, food, tourism, technology, trade fairs, ... are but a few of the possibilities









Do you need any more?


Movilok also provides services for specific customizations and visual appearance of the product.


We can create for you systems for immediate offers, couponing, games, etc. based on this technology.

If required, we also offer our IT consultancy services for mobile and back-end systems and our technical expertise for any further needs.

  • Steph Baghdassarian (Gartner analyst)

    “Movilok bridges the gap between digital signage and the consumer allowing fluid content navigation with its interactive showcases”

  • foto_mago

    “I love the technological touch and it is much more appealing to the public than the traditional storefront”

    Angel Torres-  Maagos Artesanos
Movilok is a company with extensive experience in solutions for mobile and interactivity, with great brands as customers. We've been working on this since 2002, when the mobile still represented only the future.
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